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2009 Dodge Avenger door chime stays on

I hope you can shed some light on my dilemma. The shifter was stuck in park on the car. I took it to the dealer. They fixed it, but… when I picked it up from them the door chime was on and wouldn’t go off. There was nothing “on” that would cause the door to chime. The locks also didn’t work. The dealer’s manager told me that the car must have been like that when I brought it in, I said it wasn’t but he then said it must have a bad battery. Well 2 new batteries later, the door still chimes and drains batteries overnight. The shifter again became stuck in park. I couldn’t drive the car more than 20 miles in between the shifter problems because the battery kept dying. dealer then told me that it was the remote car starter that I had installed at an outside place and that they (the dealer) had checked everything and that was the only thing it could be. I had the car battery jumped since it drained overnight, the remote car starter was removed by the place that installed it, and low and behold, that was not the problem. So now, I don’t know what to do. The chime continues, the doors don’t lock, but the shifter works at least for the time being. Can you advise me in any way? I am taking it back to the dealer because it is under warranty, but I feel that they will tell me that they can’t fix it. Please help. Thank you. Sincerely, Denise

Simple, there is a door switch that is stuck in a position that tells the car that a door is open. That keeps the cars computers on which drains the battery preventing you from starting the car. Not rocket surgery.

It is fix-able by a competent mechanic. Key word being competent. If this car has a Chysler warranty, take it to another dealer. Your dealer seems as sharp as a bag of wet hair.

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