Tauri think their keys are still in the switch. Cure?

I have had this issue with several Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable cars, but so far no other Ford products. It seems that the “key in switch” chime will continue to be on even when the key is removed. Sometimes jiggling the switch by its “ears” will make it stop, sometimes it won’t. It’s particularly bad on those cars that also suffer from the “bad dome light switch in the door” syndrome as it continues to chime because the system ALSO thinks the door is still open. (That one I have cured many times by lubricating the switch in the door)

Is the ignition switch issue fixable short of replacing the switch? If so, how?

I was told not to have a heavy key chain ( with a bunch of keys ) but thats more of a preventive measure.

I’d try a little powdered graphite in the ignition switch. Just a little. It might help. Otherwise, I’d locate and disconnect the chime.

You should be able to solve the trouble yourself MG M. I suspect the switch contact is dirty and causing this. I have seen the switch on Ford trucks located on the top of the ignition switch and yours may be the same. By spraying some contact cleaner into the area you may be able to clear the trouble. Using some canned compressed air may help also.

Following with interest because my '94 Taurus has this problem. However, I had suspected that it was related to the swith being “loose”. That is, with the key out I can rotate the ears back and forth quite a bit. As I recall, that takes care of the chime for me, but the car is usually out of town w/ my daughter so I do not have much ecperience with it.

Regarding contact cleaner (which I will try), I think it should be followed with some new lube for the lock.

I’ve had them with “ears” that would rotate completely around that the chime didn’t come on unless the key really was in the switch. The ears are plastic, and can turn the switch itself only if the key is in the lock. Of course the ears can’t rotate if the key is present. I don’t think the ears are related to the issue other than the fact that they will rotate the switch just a tiny bit when the key is out. I think I have some spray tuner cleaner at the shop. I’ll try it when I go in on Monday.

I had this happen with my Tbird’s ignition last year. You’ve got options. You can pull the lock out of the column and try to fix it (it’s just a button, contact, and spring). You can open the column and remove / snip the single wire leading from the lock. Or you can buy a new lock. 'Sup to you.