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Door dings

my hyundai sonatas door dings constantly now but the latch doesnt feel to be effected. you can push on the door and the light comes on but the dinging doesnt stop even when we slam the door. could this possibly be a fuse ?

Not a fuse related concern.

First, I assume that by “door dings” that you mean that the door open chime is sounding, and not that little dents constantly form on your door.

Second, I am not surprised that the chimes are not affecting the door latch. The chimes would have to be incredibly loud to be able to vibrate the door latch into doing anything. I assume that this is not your complaint.

Now, to try and translate to what you really meant. Is it - My door open chime sounds even when the door is securely closed. How do I stop that?
If so, this problem is not caused by a blown fuse. There might be a fuse that you could remove to disable the chime, but it would probably also disable other things you really need, like the gauge cluster. Instead, you need to fix the cause of the problem. It is likely to be a stuck door switch. Your door switches may be on the door jam (and therefore visible without dis-assembly), or more likely they are part of the door latch inside the door. A good spray grease on the latch may free them.

On my 02 Sonata the door switches are easily found at the rear of each door opening.

If yours is the same, simply open the door & push the switch with your thumb.

Does the dinger stop?

My car also “dings” with the door open as well as with an unbuckled seat belt, parking brake engaged,…Might something else be the cause rather than the door(s)?