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87 Olds

I own a 1987 Olds Toronada Trofeo two door coupe with 102,00 miles. I have taken good care maintenance wise but it is still showing it’s age. One problem is when ever I get out of the car, the chimes start. They continue even after the door is closed. I have to open the door, insert the key then the chimes stop. Is there an easy fix? I have other problems but most I know are due to age. I hate to get rid of this car since it runs well and looks as good as new.
Other than junking the car, any suggestions?


I had a problem with my Riv of that vintage but with the door button shorting out. Based on my Riv manual (the Olds should be similar), the problem is probably with a funky door adjar switch or the ground to it in the door. Disconnecting that though might eliminate the interior lights though when you open the door. What you can do is disconnect the entire chime module. It should be a cube shaped thing way up above the glove box and to the right. That should eliminate all of the chime functions. You might get a trouble code on your screen for that but worth a try.