2009 Cadillac DTS - Cranks but won't start

i drove the car from coastof n.carolina to the mountains, then didnt drive it the next day, tried to start it next day. it would not start but cranked over. . after it sat a couple weeks i have tried to jump it and then sprayed starting fluid in breather intake. it started but wouldnt stay running but a minute. does this car have a fuel filter seperate from the fuel pump, & where might that be?

Your fuel pump or fuel pump relay likely died. There is no external fuel filter. It is in-tank as part of the fuel pump assembly.

Lots of possible causes.

The first thing that comes to mind is water in the fuel line. You started out in a warm and humid place and parked it in a cool place…perfect recipe for condensation in the tank especially if the tank level was low.

Water is heavier than gas, it sinks to the bottom of the tank, so you may have a line full of water. I would keep the car running with starter fluid for as long as possible and hope the water gets pumped out.

If that fails to solve the problem.

#1 connect a code reader and see if there are any codes.

#2 connect a pressure gauge to the fuel rail. It should be pressurized even when off and should hold a steady pressure while running (need to lookup correct pressure for your car).

Try those three things first and report back.