2003 Ford Exp. 5.4L cranks but wont run

2003 Ford Ex. Cranks but won’t run.

Diagnosis do far:

  1. Cranks and will fire with starter fluid but won’t run on its own.

2)No fuel is getting to the fuel rail. Originally some residual pressure there but none now.

  1. Fuel filter replaced. Emergency fuel shut off function reset. When car is turned on, the fuel pump can be heard to cut on but it does not reach rail nor does fuel reach the newly installed fuel filter.
  2. Affirmed no fuel flow to filter by disconnecting fuel feed: Turn on car, fuel pump whirs but no flow.
  3. Next step: Pull fuel tank off, remove fuel pump, inspect pump and filter screen “sock” on fuel pump.

QUESTION: I’m told that on this Ford model, the “sock” alone can not be replaced and thus a whole new fuel pump will be needed?

Can anyone confirm that for me or suggest any other possible fixit here?

Fuel pump probably should be replaced anyway. Probably overdue.

Additional info/hint: This problem started after I bought lowest grade gas (87 octane, with ethanol) from a country store, apparently got bad gas from bottom of THEIR tank.

I’ll start pulling the car tank later today, since–as I’m told–you can’t drain tank on that model Ford Ex.

This seems to me to be logical next step, given diagnosis steps already taken.

Thanks to all for prior comments here. Any further comments, suggestions welcome!

I think you answered your own question.

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The crankshaft position sensor may have failed.

On some vehicles when this happens, the fuel pump and injectors won’t operate but ignition system will.


Copy. Affirmative. I think that’s the problem.

Thanks. I would not have thought of that.

Car originally stopped while running in place, in park. Just stopped.

Is possible for me to check crankshaft sensor? I have no computer diagnosis program.

Thanks much.


Thank you!
I do have a good digital multimeter and I will give this a try.

The fuel pump has failed. The fuel pump should be powered on while the ignition switch is in the crank position with or without the crankshaft position sensor input.

You can check the crankshaft sensor from the driver’s seat on your car. Turn the key to start and crank the engine for 5 seconds. If the check engine light turns off while the engine is cranking the signal from the crank sensor is ok.

Also you say the engine will run on starting fluid, so you must have spark. That also means the crank sensor is ok.

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