2000 Cadillac DHS starting troubles

My wife has a 2000 Caddy DHS that has just recently begun having starting problems, usually in the morning but not every morning. It has gotten cold here, below freezing at night, but around 40-50ish during the day and her car sits outside on the driveway. When the car does this it will not start at all, only cranks but no fireup. It did it to us this morning and we were forced to use our back-up car, good thing I didn’t sell it like I was going to! Later when we got home this evening I tried it and it fired right up. The car is not showing any codes and it has around 67000 miles on it. I’m sure it still has it’s original spark plugs and fuel filter as well as probably all the misc. sensors that control the engine.

I’m thinking maybe fuel pump trouble but was wondering what you guys might think it could be.

Thanks for your input!

It could be fuel pressure drop caused by a dirty fuel filter. And, pull and examine a couple of spark plugs. If they don’t look new, replace them.
If the battery is over four years old, it could be too old to pass the mustard…that is, time for replacement.

Thanks I’ll replace both of those, probably needs it anyway. The battery is about 1 year old. Is there a way to check the fuel pressure and see if it is adequate? Do you happen to know what it should be for this car?
Thanks again!