I changed the fuel pump now it won’t crank

I was having a crank no start so a friend recommended I change the fuel pump relay so I changed it and it started right up for a day then went out , so I changed the fuel pump myself and now it won’t even crank , any ideas ?

Yes, why don’t you tel us what make, model and year your car is. How many miles it has and if the check engine light was on before you changed the fuel pump. Maybe then we ca offer some ideas.

I have 2010 Cadillac DTS, 150k miles and yes it was

The issue with no crank can be a starter problem. It probably wore out while cranking when you had a crank no start issue. Have your starter checked before replacing it though. Check your fuel pressures to confirm fuel pump operation. And last but should be first: have your battery checked and have it fully charged.

Would be nice to now what codes are stored. Is there any way you can read them and post them here? Seems like you have more problems than just a fuel pump and we are in the dark.

By “no crank” do you mean the engine won’t turn when the key is turned to crank? (Seems like a silly question but you’d be surprised by what people post!) Is the battery charged? Does the car click-click-click when you turn the key or nothing? Does the dash at least light up?

When I turn the key i hear this uhh noise like not like a loud one but silent when I try to start it

When I turn to start the key I don’t hear nothing but a uh noise noise , the dash does light up , my car lights are on so I’m guessing the battery is charged ?

Don’t guess, measure. A voltmeter will tell you the charge. 12.4 volts or more.

What is an “uh noise noise” ?

sounds like bendix is not engaging starter pinion gear onto flexplate ring gear. well, at least you wont have to bend over so much as starter is under the intake. did you know the 1998 era 4t80e trans had a starter snout bumpout on the bellhousing for a starter location that was never used? i bet the junior engineer that designed it was never told that the starter dept group had moved the starter to the upper intake area.

It’s a single click

Sounds like a dead battery. Again, measure, don’t guess. Voltmeters are cheap. Head on over to Harbor Freight and buy one. Buy a battery charger while you are there. A 10 amp model would be plenty. Charge the battery overnight. Check the voltage after about an hour after you unhook the charger. Should be 12.4 volts or higher. If not,pull the battery, have it checked at the auto parts store.

I took the battery to autozone and it’s not charged at 12.8 volts and when I installed back into the vehicle I still only hear a single click when I try to start it

Like @Cavell posts, bad starter. And it is under the intake manifold in the vee of the engine.

Hello I know this thread is old but i wanted to give an update to the situation I was having, after calling around to find a cheap starter repair and saving up the cash I found a shop who was willing to do it for $400(which is a lot of money to me for a starter repair but I understand its hard to get to in my type of vehicle) after having it towed to the shop they said my starter worked fine… So j was confused as to thr problem then, once I got there they told me it seemed like my keys have been melted I told then hoe my girlfriend set my clothes on fire and my keys were in the pocket, turns out the key chip melted and thr car was kn theft mode so I went to Sweeny Chevrolet and had a key made for $38.06!!! Now I can drive my car again and saved money, I just want to say thank you for all who helped much appreciated!!!<3

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Are you still with the girlfriend, though? That’s the main question. :laughing:

Also, were you wearing the clothes when she set them on fire?

It’s good that you got the car running, though. I appreciate you posting the fix to the issue.


See just like a detective, people ask a lot of questions and sometimes when nothing else makes sense we eventually find out why. Hope you weren’t wearing them when she/he/it set them on fire. Run don’t walk.

Glad you are back on the road w/a reliable starting vehicle OP. I expect many here would be interested in learning how exactly it was that your gf decided to set your clothes on fire … :wink: I can think of 20 reasons why that could happen, from personal experience … lol …