2008 Ford Ranger - Fuel pump status update

fuel pump quit…had to replace at115,000 km

seems like a answer, not a question.

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And your point is ?

That would really be disappointing those things are supposed to last, 116000 KM.


So the pump lasted 13-14 years. That’s not bad.

It’s also not great, either. One must assume that the vast majority of cars and trucks go 200,000 miles or more on their original fuel pump…some over the span of 25-30 years.

In fact, the only fuel pump I have ever had fail was on a 1995 Caravan (4-cylinder) and this was back in 2016 with about 125,000 miles. I also replaced the fuel pump on my 2002 Daewoo Lanos, which had an Airtex aftermarket fuel pump, because the gauge was inaccurate and it took too long to build up pressure during cold starts.

Changing the fuel filter on a regular basis will prolong the pump life.

The assumption is often made that if the filter is partially clogged the engine will exhibit symptoms such as stalling, bucking, etc. That is not true. The engine may appear to run fine but the pump is having to struggle more and if the filter is left unattended then at some point the pump is going to give up.

Ehh, depends. 13 years is not unusual from what I see in the field. It’s a Ranger, may have been a service or delivery vehicle that spends as much time idling as driving. Idle time isn’t reflected in the mileage.

I have a 2014 at the shop for internal engine repair at 106,000 miles. Truck hour meter shows 2300 hours driving, 3000 hours idling.

Running the gas tank down to almost empty will shorten the life of the pump because it is cooled by the gasoline in the tank.

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I’ve heard both schools of though on that:
the gas in the tank cools the pump, and the gas running through the pump cools it.
Either way, I’ve got 250,000 miles on the original fuel pump on a 1999 Ranger work truck. And those drivers HATE to be the one to fuel it up, so it is always running on fumes.


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