Waht a Gas, Actually Lack of It

My GMC Yukon’s original fuel pump lasted for 14 years, 171000 miles, It was replaced July 5, 1013, it expired August 10, 2013, it again expired September 11, 2013.
The wiring has been checked, the new module wiring plug that is included with the pumps was properly installed, the new pumps just stop, DEAD.
Voltage is fine, When the new pump is installed it starts right up, HELP!!

I should add I have owned this Yukon since new, it has always been serviced, I have always changed fuel filters twice yearly, spring and fall, in the case of the failed pumps, the filter were always changed with the pumps, and the again 30 days later. The fuel has always been clean, I have always used branded fuels, Mobil. Exxon, Irving, Shell, Sunoco, only, Never ever off brand fuels.


When was the last time that you replaced the fuel filter (or filters–there may be two)?
If the answer is, “never”, or, “I don’t remember”, then you may have found the cause of these failures, as a partially clogged fuel filter can cause a fuel pump to die an early death.

I don’t know what to tell you. I had the same issue with my Riviera. New Delco pumps that would last only a year for $800. I replaced all the wiring from the pump to the computer. New relay, wire harness etc. Had a new pump fail right out of the box too. I know you should be replacing the relay at the same time but maybe someone can recommend a different brand/heavy duty pump.

I should have stated that the fuel filter is replaced twice yearly, spring, fall, the filter was changed the same time as the pump, so 3 filter changes, 3 pumps. I only use name brand fuel, in this area it’s Shell, Sunoco, Mobil, Irving.