Husband's truck keeps dying

My husband’s ford ranger keeps dying while driving. It started after the gas tank was run down almost down to empty. Stopped running then after a half hour or so would start again. Happened a few times. Had the fuel filter replace and normal maintenance. Stalled again. Brought to Ford. Computer shows nothing, including no record of the check engine light coming on. Any ideas?

When the fuel tank was almost ran out of gas, it may have damaged the electric in-tank fuel pump. The level of the gas in the fuel tank helps to cool the fuel pump. If the level of gas drops too far it can cause the fuel pump to overheat, damaging it. So now when the vehicle is operated long enough the damaged fuel pump fails from heat. And if the vehicles sits long enough, the fuel pump cools back down and functions.

Bring it in, and ask that the fuel pump be tested for excess current draw. This will confirm if the fuel pump is damaged.


We had 2 episodes with an 03 windstar where after a few short errands it would not start, then was towed to the dealer under extended warranty and it started right up. The third time I gave it 45 minutes it was fine and had Wifey stop by the dealer every time she passed by, and see if it would fail. It did, they were ready to look at it and it turned out 3 years ago a fuel pump replacement was in order and have not had the problem since.
Fuel pump I am thinking, I have posted the same response for at least 4 other fords with the same problem, hope it helps!

RE Tester the 2 times at the dealer all was within specs, no codes ever showed.

We don’t even know the year of the vehicle.

Besides, there is no code for a failing fuel pump. The engine just shuts off.


Not disrespecting what you say only relating my experiences.

It is a 2004.

Thank you for the idea. It is apprectiated.