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Fuel pump

I have a 1996 toyota corolla 1.6 engine with 146.000 miles great shape and well maintained if I have a fuel pump presser test done and every thing checks out O.K. will this tell me how long the pump is good for time or milege any other suggestions thanks ever one

Nope. No test can predict the future. It will all be based on how well you maintain the car (and how good the condition is now). A good mechanic can give it a WAG, but it’s all about maintenance.

The test will only reveal the condition it’s in right now.


If the fuel filter has not been changed regularly (say every15k miles) the pump could be approaching iffy status.

Local use may not be as much of a problem but I would be antsy about a high miles pump on a neglected car that is going to be used for interstate travel.