2008 Ford Edge - CD player quit

cd player not working

Electronic Express, Best Buy and many others sell new ones…

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OP, suggest to explain what CD player is doing it shouldn’t do, and/or what it isn’t doing that it should do? I don’t have any CD players in my cars, but the most common reason for my home CD players to stop working, skipping, etc, is dust contamination in the player compartment, especially dust on the lens. After that, the distance from the CD to the lens has changed slightly, often due to spindle wear. Do you hear a bunch of clicking when you put a CD in, & maybe you hear it spin the CD really fast, but it never returns to normal l spin rate & plays?

I had a worse problem, my 06 Mustang had a six CD changer. When I traded it in on a new Mustang, I forgot about the CDs in the changer!


Hopefully no lost classics. A boy’s chorus CD titled Christmas in Vermont, leaving that in the changer seems like a good thing :wink:

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