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2008 Chevrolet Equinox - CD problem

cd player reads no disc loaded and then reads error

My last equinox did that, and made nasty grinding sounds. Got a used HU and had security code issues. So I sold HU and equinox. Next equinox is quiet. I have not tried putting in a cd.

CD player is broken and needs replacement.

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Go check out Crutchfield. They have the solution for what ails ya.


The OP could have the 12 year old unit pulled out of the dashboard and repaired, or he/she could simply replace it for far less $$.


I have had this problem a few times with automotive CD players and for some reason unknown to me, by disconnecting all power sources to the unit (battery and memory voltage) and then reconnecting it the unit was fine. In a nutshell remove any fuses involved in those 2 power sources and I do not know the power sources on a 2008 Equinox.
As mentioned and in the event that does not work it’s just far easier and cheaper to replace it.

That may or may not work for you. Just sayin’…

They make cds to clean the heads, you might give that a whirl first.

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