Ford 6-CD Changer

All of a sudden my 2008 Ford Taurus 6 CD changer stopped working correctly. It just says CD error. It won’t read the disc, it won’t eject, it won’t change to another disc. When I would hit the eject button or the load button it was saying INITIALIZING across the screen but didn’t do anything. Now it just says CD error. I’ve searched the web and found that a lot of Ford 6-CD changers seem to have this issue. I don’t want to take it to the dealer. Can someone help me with instructions on how to fix this. The CDs are still in the changer, but it doesn’t recognize them.

Usually a CD player error is caused by a dirty CD player laser. You should have a cleaning disc on hand and use it occasionally (but regularly) to prevent this problem.
As it stands, you now need to have the disk removed and the CD player cleaned. Some systems have a back-up method to eject a stuck CD, but most don’t. The backup method would be in the form of a tiny button that you would depress using a pen. If this is not present, I’m not sure if you have any other options.

You can try pulling the fuses for the changer (or disconnecting the battery) and then reinstalling. Sometimes that will reset it enough to eject the discs. It’s an issue with the changer mechanism, and cleaning won’t help.