Stuck CD in a 2005 Ford F-150

So a while back my Dad stuck a CD into his truck and never got it back. It has been in there a while and is now starting to piss him off for some reason. The truck as the standard Ford AM/FM/Tape/CD player for a single disc. It doesn’t appear to have a manual release via a pin or needle. Any idea on how to get it out without damaging the player, I think at this point he could care less about the CD.

When this happened in my wife’s 2007 Ford 500, I finally got it out by taking the cable off the battery for about a minute. This seemed to reset the CD player and the CD came right out. It was critical that we got it out soon, as it was a book-on-CD taken out from the local lobrary. It’s a cheap fix that is worth a try.

I have found two reasons why CD stick, the stick on lables come off, since no one uses stick on lables anymore the next reason is that there are two CD’s in the slot. It is a easy job to remove your radio/cd player and open up the housing enough to remove the CD’s.

I know nothing about the CD drives in car radios, but I’d guess that they are like those in personal computers, only worse. That means that they are unstandardized Rube Goldberg mechanical arrangements of improbable, plastic parts that are not interchangeable between models. Sometimes something will go wrong with the CD or the plastic parts will slip out of alignment, or a foreign object will find it’s way into the drive (in one case, that sticks with me, a first grader put a cookie into the CD tray and pushed the load button). Anyway, those problems can usually be fixed by partially disassembling the drive and setting it right. Problems due to worn or broken parts usually can’t.

ALL CD players are disposable junk…The next generation of sound systems will involve a USB port and a thumb-drive…No moving parts…Unlimited content.

I still say check if two CD’s are in the drive.

Thank you all for the responses, I will try reset the player by removing the battery, and let you all know. Does anyone know how to take the front cover off, from there I would imagine that it should all come apart?


I agree, it’s going to just depend how long it will take for this new tech to migrate through to all cars. It’s a great idea, with good possibilities.