2008 Chevy Cobalt Dash Not Working

My 2008 Chevy Dashboard stopped showing me my speed, how much gas I have, and RPMs. No lights come on.

We checked all fuses and couldn’t find it. We went to auto zone to get a code without getting any.

Any help as to where to look next?

The instrument cluster may require replacement.


There are people who refurbish GM clusters. Used to be advertised here in Duluth. You may find this service somewhere on line.

It’s cheaper to get a used cluster from a recycler.


If the gauges aren’t extremely difficult to remove from the dash, I would pull the gauge cluster and make sure the main electrical connection is making good contact.

Did all of the gauges go flaky at once, or did they go out separately over time?

Check fuse #7 in the floor console fuse box



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