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Dash Cluster

I recently change my ignition key switch the old one jammed in the run position. Truck started up no problem but I have no fuel-speed- millage-or message center. Only thing working is volts and oil gauges. PLEASE HELP…


Check the fuses. Unless you disconnected the battery, you may have popped one.

I checked all fuses I’ve check every think Im stumped

How did you check the fuses? You need to use a test light and verify voltage on both sides of each fuse. If a fuse has no power on either side post the description on the fuse slot here. replace any with one side hot and the other side dead. And did you disconnect both battery leads? Could you have reversed the battery leads when reconnecting them?

More than likely the logic board in the instrument cluster has failed. All the displays you say aren’t working first pass thru the logic board.


Take a good look with a strong flashlight under the dash area where the work was done. I think you (or whoever replaced the switch) may have missed replacing one of the connectors, or don’t have the two sides of the connectors solidly together.