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No gauges working on the dashboard console

All of the gauges - - temp, speedometer, tach, gas gauge - - as well as the dome lights and sun roof opener, faded out on my 2003 Volvo V70. I replaced all the fuses and the dome light and sunroof now work. But none of the gauges are back. Has anyone encountered this problem and can it be fixed without replacing the console?

Sounds vey much like the DIM (instrument cluster) has gone bad. Not much you can do yourself to test it, unless you know electronics and willing to tear this thing out of the dash. One thing I would try is disconnect the battery cables and let is sit for at least an hour or even overnight and then try it again. It’s a long shot but it’s free.

If your mechanically able. Yard the cluster out and disconnect the mail harness going to the cluster. Turn on the ignition and see what you get at the contacts. If you get good readings, try cleaning the connection on both sides with electric cleaner and gob on the dialectic grease. If no power at the connection, you need to follow the wired a find any connections and clean them too. Your cluster is a printed circuit and I’ve never heard of one that lost everything at once.

Thanks for your input. I’ll try disconnecting the battery and we’ll see
what happens. Free is always good.

Thanks, Hiroshi. Regrettably, I’m not mechanically inclined but I
appreciate knowing what I need to tell the mechanic at my independent

The dome light should have constant power to it, whether the ignition is on or not. This would make it seem that you have a power connection problem even though all the fuses may be good. When looking for that kind of trouble it is good to have at least a test light probe to verify where power is getting to and where it isn’t. If you do this yourself check the fuses under the hood to make sure power is getting to all of them. If that is okay then you need to check the wiring past that panel and possibly the dash fuse panel next.

Thanks for your input. The dome light and the power to the sunroof went out
at the same time as the console. I was able to get both of them back and
working when I replaced all the fuses. Good to know about the test light
probe. I’ll pick up one and test the fuses under the hood. They are all new
since I replaced them but I’ll check whether power is getting to them. The
dash fuse panel housed the dome light and sun roof fuse so I’ll check that
next and probably the rear fuse panel, as well. Thanks again!

yo did check the fuses under the hood as well as under the dash, right?

Changed every fuse in the vehicle, back panel, dash panel and hood panel.

Unless you are tempted to remove the instrument cluster from the console yourself, there is not much more you can do. Removing it is actually very simple and quick and once removed there are several things one can do to check it out.

I suppose disconnecting the battery cable did not work.

Regrettably, disconnecting the battery did not work. Here in Massachusetts
we have mandatory, and pretty stringent, annual inspections. My inspection
is due this month so I have until the 31st to get the instruments fixed.
Not being mechanically inclined, I’m trying everything being suggested
short of removing the console. If I don’t find anything that works by this
coming Friday, I’ll research prices for having someone else do it.

seems a lot of older Volvos are suffering the same symptoms. The only other suggestions I have is to gently, but firmly push around the corners of the cluster. I read that, over time, some clusters suffer from “cold”, weak or loose solder joints. Even if the cluster temporarily comes back to life, it is not a fix, but it shows you where the problem is. Right now you have no idea if it is even the cluster, the ECM or somewhere in the wiring. Again, trying it is free and does not cost anything.

I was able to find some data for your model and it appears that the lighting circuit is pretty complicated. Data lines are even involved. Here is some basic help for you.

Dash fuses C23, C24, C32, and C37 need to be checked for power. There is a relay called Extended X relay that should provide power via a violet/white wire to the climate control module. The relay is controlled by the Central Electronic Module. The light control module switch seems to provide a power input to the CEM in order to turn on the lights via a grn/wht wire. Beyond doing those checks I would suggest having a pro look into the issue. I don’t suggest removing dash.

Thank you!! Yes, this is my fifth Volvo, going back to my 1961 544, and I
know the electronic circuitry has gotten more befuddling over the years. I
will check the power to those particular fuses but, if there aren’t any
positive changes, I’m planning to take it to my dealership - - after I find
out how much the work will cost me.

You’re welcome for the help. Hopefully the trouble is just with the Extended X relay and nothing more expensive than that. That relay would be one of the first things to check on my list.

you don’t have to remove the dash on POs Volvo. Pry the frame out, pop out the steering column cover, remove 4 screws and the hole darn thing pops out. 5 minutes of work.