2007 Nissa Versa Front End Creaking Noise


I have a new Versa with 3,800 miles which I leased in April of 2007. Around 1k miles, the car began having a creaking noise from the front end. At first the noise was transient, not occurring at any predictable time. Then we were able to create the noise by going over certain size bumps. The dealer has readjusted and lubed the struts and readjusted the mounts. The car drives like a dream for about 36 hours after service, but then the noises begin again and continue to get louder and more frequent. Noises are worse in cooler moist weather, and some seem to be coming from the steering column as well. Any similar experiences out there, and any advice?


Keep after the dealer to find the fault. It’s still under warranty and as long as the fine print says it won’t cost you anything, get to know them REAL well.

It MAY be a suspension component (perhaps one a little out of line or something) causing the noise.

When the vehicle is making these noises, drive to the dealer and have a TECH ride with you so he/she gets first hand knowledge of the fault.


I have been to one dealer four times. And I have had techs and service managers in the car with me. Some times the noise was very obvious and they went about trying to fix it. The last time only I could detect the noise and had to put up with rude comments by the service manager whose attitude implied he thought I was unreasonable. So out of the four times, I have been sent home twice.

I have a file at Nissan and they suggest visiting another dealer. The new dealer tells me he has enough trouble keeping up with his customers who purchased there and is not enthused about having to tend to an unhappy customer from another dealership (me). They kept my car 2 days and did not get to it yet. I am trying to do my own research to make suggestions…not easy for a mom who is more interested in gardening and cooking!! But I will keep trying. I think some noises are from the steering column too. In forty years of driving I never had to go through this…guess it was my turn.