Mysterious Crackling Noise When Going Over 70?

Hi! Have a 2022 Kia Seltos with less than 10,000 miles on it.

Recently it started making this very strange crackling noise by (what it sounds like) the front left wheel. It only makes this noise when I reach speeds of 70mph or above and it’s faint enough to where if I have the radio on I can’t hear it at all. It’s not loud by any means.

AC was off and not turned on. AC fan spear doesn’t matter it still makes the noise.

It sounds like the speaker but the speakers work fine when turned on.

I read it could be a leaf but why only when it reaches over a certain speed?

The best way I can describe it - it sounds like tiny pebbles hitting metal very softly.

I’ve looked under the car, got all pebbles out of the tire that I could, and basically everything I can think of.

I have an oil change in about 2 weeks where if the noise is still happening i’m asking them to check it out. I took a video of the noise while driving. Link below -

Any ideas of what this could be? Seriousness of it? My dealer has nothing open until my oil change and I don’t feel like dishing out money to a mechanic.

Any help would be great!


A new car under warranty with a strange noise. This a dealer problem, not yours. Wait and have the dealer look at it, Kia is responsible to make this right for you.


Good advice above to let dealership handle this. I’ve never experienced that particular problem, but guessing it’s a small rock or pebble or twig that is stuck in the wheel or brakes. If nothing found dealership shop might decide to put car on lift, engine running, in gear, and listen for where the sound is coming from.

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All I hear is road noise, but that could represent a problem with my old ears.
In any event, with a new vehicle that has multiple warranties from the manufacturer, this is something that should be diagnosed and repaired (if necessary) by the dealership.

More than likely, this situation is not something that is serious and can safely be deferred until the oil change, but if it was serious and if it resulted in some sort of mechanical breakdown, that would be fully covered by your multiple warranties.

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Just ask that it be diagnosed and repaired under warranty. What it is or isn’t is truly not your issue.


As 'Ol Mo Guy says, ask to have it diagnosed under warranty, and be sure to have it documented. It may be nothing, just a loose cover; or something more serious that can rear its ugly head after the warranty has expired. Better to be safe than sorry when the dealer tells you it’s not covered anymore as the warranty has expired…