Nissa Versa front end creaking - the dealer thinks I'm nuts!



My 2007 Versa with 4k miles makes creaking noises when I turn the wheel, mostly to the right, go over bumps, or sometimes on straight aways. It is worse in cooler weather or when backing up on an incline. The dealer so far has lubed struts and boots and readujusted struts and mounts. The car runs quietly for about 36 hrs. and then the noises begin, progressively getting more frequent and louder. Unless we have a really hot day here in the Northeast, then the sounds are minimal. HELP!!! I already filed a complaint with Nissan corp. as the dealer insists there is nothing wrong. Nissan’s suggetion was to go to another dealer. The new dealer keeps shoving me aside to do repairs on cars that were bought there! I am about to go postal here.


[b]Ask that the dealer use a needle greaser on the lower ball joints and tie rod ends.

These components come from the factory without zerk fittings, so they can’t be greased in the normal way. A needle greaser allows grease to be injected into these components by passing the needle through the protective rubber boot that protects these components.