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2002 Camry

I have a klunk/rattle in the drivers side front end when I go over a small bump at a slow speed. The dealer said it was the struts - they repleced them along with the upper support thing. Noise still there, next they said it was a worn motor mount - noise still there – HELP!!

Take the vehicle to a reputable independently owned and operated shop. The dealer is just throwing parts at the problem…and charging you for the parts.

This could be as simple as a bad rubber bushing on an antisway bar end. But whatever it is, it should be diagnosed (found from under the car) before anymore parts are installed.

You should find a good independent mechanic instead of going to the dealer. Let them find the “real” problem first then repair it. I don’t like dealers who use shotgun maintenance to reach their bottom line. Besides, dealers always charge more for maintenance in the first place.

The dealer now thinks it’s the rack and pinion - they are checking it now.