2007 Maserati Quattroporte - Interior Pieces Breaking Down

All of the car’s interior black dash components including the buttons, trim(including door black trim and center console black trim) have turned sticky. Its a rubberized or vinyl coating the manufacturer used to coat the plastic items on dash. It’s terrible and ruins the car. There should be a class action suit as I’m finding everyone with same problem.

While I understand your disappointment, the vehicle is 12 years old, and materials will outgas and degrade over that time, particularly if you’re not at least semi-regularly cleaning and conditioning them.

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I doubt if a class action suit will accomplish much. Have you tried to find a high end detailing shop or talked to a Maserati dealer .

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I don’t know about O P’s car but I found year’s back if I used armorall it would do the same thing no matter what the color was. I have not used it since then.

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Thanks Terry for your suggestion. I’ll try it.

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Maserati dealer plays dumb. I am talking to a high end detailing shop. Thanks.

Your car is 12 years old, Maserati doesn’t have a horse in the race anymore.

That’s an excellent idea. I hope they can help you out

There have been class action law suits towards Nissan for the sticky/melting dash pads.

Toyota and Lexus have been replacing many thousands of dash pads and door panels on 2006 to 2012 vehicles for the same problem.

Maserati may not have enough angry customers to get a class action suit started.

I have replaced many dash pads myself, I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done after the material has degraded and gets soft/sticky or starts to crumble.


Owning a niche car means that you don’t have a lot of support when pressuring Maserati to do anything. They will just blow you off.

Same problem with headlights on the Lincoln Mark VIIIs which are also niche cars. They are the most pathetically built headlamps ever attached to a car. Given the low production numbers FOMOCO doesn’t care either.


Mainly a problem with Ferrari’s and Maserati’s, a detail shop might be able to help but a better solution is to have the sticky parts refinished with a better product.

I own a 2004 Toyota 4Runner and it had s a cracked Dashboard issue, That was well known and well documented on the internet… I did receive a letter stating that Toyota NA would be replacing the Dashboard on 2004-2008 Toyota 4Runners under some[ Action I believe they were fined by NHTSB or Some federal agency for not recalling a known issue or something and thst…If you had paid for the replacement out if warranty Toyota will reimburse you.
BTW I received the letter in 2018 14 years after I bought it

You’re out of warranty. Maserati told you up front (assuming you bought new) that they only guaranteed stuff would stay in good condition through the end of the warranty period.

I don’t understand why people read a warranty that specifically says the manufacturer is only willing to back up their materials for 2 or 3 years, and then assume that 13 years down the road everything will be perfect or they can sue.

One thing to keep in mind about cars in that category - they’re being marketed and sold to non-enthusiasts who ditch cars after a couple of years max. A real performance enthusiast who wants to keep the car more than 2 years will get a Skyline, or an NSX, or a Porsche. Something that will last.

Maserati doesn’t care about the secondary market. As long as the original buyer is happy with the car until they get bored with it and buy a new Maserati, then Maserati is happy. As such, materials that wear down after 12 years aren’t even a blip on their radar.

All that said, even the Japanese luxury brands will start to develop issues when they’re that old. The fit and finish will still be good (assuming you take care of it) but little things will break, or button lights will burn out, etc. You can’t expect an older luxury car in any category to remain perfect for over a decade unless you put a lot of money into keeping it up.


some Porsches also have the “sticky” buttons and knobs issue

And this is a 4-door sedan, not a sports car:

You’ll be much happier when that check for $7.25 rolls in.
The lawyers will rake in the vast majority of the settlement funds and you’ll be no better off. Assuming it ever gets that far because something as frivolous as this on a 12 year old car isn’t going to light a fire under anybody. You’d be better off voting with your feet if it bugs you that much…


You say that as though it’s a Buick. Which, in fairness, it kinda looks like with those portholes. :wink:

It’s got a Ferrari engine. It’s not a run-of-the-mill sedan.

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It’s a sports sedan, like a BMW M car or Benz AMG, and is Maserati’s most expensive sedan. I’m just pointing that out, not suggesting anyone rush out and spend 110 Large on one.

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