2013 Hyundai Sonata - Dash cracks

I have the same problem with the crack dashboard of my 2013 Sonata Ltd edition. The first crack started in 2020, the cracks continued as if they were on steroids. Now the whole dash looks like a aerial view of the multiple river in the Amazon rain forest. Did anyone attempt to file a class action lawsuit??

A dashboard cracking on a nine year old car does not constitute a basis for a lawsuit.
The manufacturer is under no obligation to warrant that the car remain free from problems past the expressed warrantee period.


Have you tried any of the commercial products designed for this problem? Google to see if there are dashboard covers for you make/model. It’s always possible you might be able to find a replacement dashboard from the wrecking yard.

There have been several class action law suits filed against manufactures for failing dash pad materials but Hyundai is not one of them and I wouldn’t expect results from that company.

I have replace a couple dozen dashboards on vehicles more than 10 years old, paid for by the manufacture.

Attorneys with Gibbs Law Group and co-counsel filed class action lawsuits against [Toyota], [Mazda], and alleging that the dashboards on certain model year Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, and Infiniti vehicles melt, become sticky, and cast a glare on the windshield that makes it difficult for drivers to see.