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Maserati musings

One of my relatives came for a visit last weekend. He pulled up in a car I didn’t recognize, and I asked what it was. He tells me it’s a 2019 Maserati Quattroporte that he just leased. When we later went out for dinner, I said let’s take your car. That car looked sharp. Unlike anything else on the road. The interior was beyond any I’ve ever seen. The leather upholstery was butter soft and flawlessly stitched. When my nephew started the car, i heard the unmistakeable muted rumble of a V8. When i closed the door, it was like being in a soundproof room. He started driving, and the feeling was like being in a rolling bank vault. The ride was completely smooth, even over the rough pavement and potholes of the suburb where I live. We stayed local, so no chance to open it up. He told me, though, that the engine had two turbos, and was rated at 523 hp. I asked what something this sumptuous cost, and he told me it was $10K down and $1,900 a month on a 36 month lease. This was easily the most comfortable, luxurious car I’d ever rode in. If I could afford it, I’d certainly want one.

Well that is one way to look at it. The actual price is $137,980

It is Italian so it might spend a significant amount of that 36 months in for warranty service. But they are very nice cars!

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I was thinking about the reliability issue, but I have a feeling the dealership treats customers who are there for service very well.

If only the body & interior design folks at Maserati could team up with the drivetrain folks at one of the Japanese companies…

Years ago, a car called the Dual-Ghia had Italian bodywork and interior and a bullet proof Chrysler drivetrain.


Have a few family members who leased Maserati’s. They were shocked at the maintenance costs. $400 oil change, expensive and often brake and tire replacement. They all moved on to something else (Lexus, Benz)

If you’re spending that much on the lease, I would think a $400 oil change is not a big deal

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Sure would like to know how to justify a $400 oil change, other than just getting money because it’s there.

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For $400 the service is likely more than just an oil change.

A 10,000 mile service on a Lexus is over $300, for those that don’t want the complete service an oil change is about $100 but they won’t get the use of a $50,000 loan car with free gasoline for 24 hours.

I wasn’t really into asking a lot of questions, but I know at 10K miles between the tires, brakes and oil change, on relative coughed up around $10K. I know he is a “spirited” driver, so some extra wear and tear should be factored in.

We have a lot of posters here that buy premium luxury cars then argue over the high octane gas needed. So I would not be surprised that the $400 oil change would make them pause.

One car was a Ghibli (?sp) which is the started model, leased at around $650-700 a month.

These are people that want to be seen in a Maserati as a status car for the most part. If you put the labels on a Ford Fusion, they will probably go for it.

You are correct. Those folks with the expensive cars not willing to spend on premium fuel are the people who would step over a dollar to pick up a dime.

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Many years ago, having owned a Maserati, it’s the perfect lease car … drive for 36 months and then run away.:laughing: FAST.
I used to joke that “the reason it was at the dealership so long and often was because it got lonely for other Italians”. “The trunk is so nice so you can fit in your mechanic” and after one particular bill, “is that in Lira or Dollars?”.

Loved the design, performance and it was great fun but it was also the automotive equivalent of a sail boat.
Constant maintenance, no estimated time of arrival, a money pit and only usable on weekends, weather permitting.

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Over the past few years, I have been shocked by how many Maseratis I see each week. Most of them are the cheaper Ghibli models, but there is the occasional Quattroporte, and a few months ago in the local supermarket’s parking lot, I was able to closely inspect a Levante, the Maserati SUV.

While I wasn’t able to caress the Levante’s leather, the interior was surely a work of art, and the styling cues on the exterior definitely made it look different from the other SUVs that I see. And, when the owner started the engine, it had a truly amazing sound–just like what one would expect from an engine that was sourced from Ferrari.

I am fairly sure that, like the OP’s nephew’s Maserati, most of these cars are leased.

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Someone with the screen name ’ Beancounter ’ leased a Maserati , OK fine.

I think I need more coffee.


I see Maseratis all the time around here, mainly because there’s a dealership in an area I drive through a lot, so I see them test-driving.

From the outside, the only ones that I think look good are the Granturismo and the GT convertible. The others are kind of oddly bulbous, and if you’re going to do oddly bulbous in a Ferrari-engined car, it should really look more like this:

And yeah, Maseratis are fas… Well… Not really all that fast for what they are and how much they cost. Just under 5 seconds 0-60 for the $130k GT? I mean, for the same money I can be a hair over 2 seconds in a Tesla. For less money I can get a top-end Mustang and outrun it. And if I don’t care about the speed and only want the wonderful interior, well, there’s always Jag and Rolls.

Maserati is in kind of a weird place. Luxury fast car that isn’t all that fast, and on the luxury side it’s not really any better than the other ultra-premium luxury brands. They do sound terrific, though.

Oddly bulbous? That car is sex on 4 wheels lovely! Just look at those curves! The Gina Lollobrigida of automobiles :star_struck:


Here is oddly bulbous-


The only thing missing from the picture is the stick that was used on it…


Relax … It was from that “magical time” before we all had kids, mortgages and any real adult responsibilities.
Don’t miss it at all but sometimes still think back and smile.

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Yes it most certainly is. That car did oddly bulbous right. Maserati… Not so much. Though I’ll admit they’re better than they used to be. Check out this monstrosity:

Which I can only assume was inspired by nature:

In the current crop, they’d do themselves a lot of favors if they’d redesign the headlights to make them flow better with the body. I’d say the same applies to that Nissan Armpit, @TwinTurbo, but I don’t think it’d save the design. :wink:

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Ahhhh Nooooo!

They sound fantastic but the looks, no. Just awkward. Looks like a Buick with those portholes. Ugly wheels.

Lots of them roaming around Naples, FL.