2009 Lincoln MKS - Peeling dash

2009 linclon mks dash is pealing off……. why

It’s 11 years old. I’m going to guess it was also parked outside so it’s been getting pounded by the sun. Have you detailed the inside of the car in the past 11 years?


Live in the Southwest? Age and heat will do it as mentioned and especially so in certain parts of the country. Not so much rust here in OK but there’s a lot of cracked dashes along with cracked/distorted upper door panels and dry rotted tires.

Toyota, Lexus and Nissan have the same problem, the surface of the dash becomes very soft and chips/peels very easily, makes it difficult to perform any repairs around the dash without causing more damage.

Some manufactures have extended the warranty on these dash pads to more than ten years, either voluntary or via a class action lawsuit. I replaced a dash yesterday on a 2012 Lexus IS250 and one a month ago on a 2008 LS460. Door panels are also affected on certain vehicles. The cost of the dash, four door panels, console and glove box on the LS460, $8,700.

Are you telling us someone spent $8700 dollars for cosmetics on a 12 year old car?

That is the costs for the parts on a warranty extension that expires March 31, 2021 or July 31, 2021 depending on the model. The cost of repair is near the value of the car but Lexus has deep pockets. After the warranty expires those third owners will be very upset with the peeling dashes. Most cars that need a dash replacement have new license plates, meaning new owners.

And I thought the guy who was raising hxxx over 5 grand ( trans only, no labor/fluid/exhaust gaskets, taxes, etc) for a new Subaru transmission had a very legitimate reason for doing so on a 30k miles car 2 months out of warranty and which was as new/babied since purchase. The transmission final drive grenaded at 28k+ miles through no fault of the car owner and because of an internal seal leak that caused the loss all of the final drive hypoid oil into the automatic transmission.
He was religious about maintenance every 5k miles and this problem would have been caught at 30k miles and prevented a catastrophic bang…

Wow; going on 9 grand for plastic trim. Ouch. I expect the dealers are going to hear some serious carping when someone comes in expecting a reasonably cheap fix. Complaints should be directed to corporate Lexus because they are the ones who set the biggest markup on those plastic parts although they are no different than any other manufacturer.

I’ve never really had a padded dash problem but I usually treat them from time to time. I’ve been using that 303 stuff ($25 if I remember right) that is supposed to be good for blocking UV but then my cars are inside most of the time.

The dash pads in these cars (2006-2012) become soft and gooey with age, that is why they peel. I ordered another set of panels for a car today.

The Nissan owners complained that the failing dash pad material resulted in excessive gloss and reflection on the windshield causing an obstruction in vision while driving. A dash cover can correct that.