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2007 Toyota Camry - Melting dash

I discovered my melting dash just 3 months out of the extended warranty. Never received a recall letter. I have written every one in the US, dealer,distributor,Toyota home office ,Mr. Toyoda(that’s how his name is spelled) twice. There were over 4 million of these melting dashboards. There was a class action suit brought by someone in Virginia. It’s a disgrace, If I had the money I would put a billboard sign in the middle of Jacksonville exposing the slime called Toyota.

If you didn’t receive the warranty extension notice then your address information must not be up to date with Toyota, how long has been since your vehicle was at a dealer?

A 10 year warranty for a dash seems reasonable, those dash panel cost $1000 each, Toyota has to end the warranty coverage at some point.


So did you have a question or just come here to rant?

12 year old Toyota that spent its life in… Jacksonville Florida? Or Mississippi? Melt or crack, those are your choices. Not uncommon for ANY car in those conditions.


It’s a 12 year old car. Big deal.

Here’s a very simple question . . .

Are you the original owner . . . ?!

Toyota/Lexus had a generation of cars where the surface of the dash would melt and look terrible even if you didn’t park in the tropical sun.

This was not normal wear and tear.

That said, I agree with @Nevada_545. The car is now 13 years old. Toyota doesn’t bear any responsibility for fixing problems with 13 year old cars.

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