2007 Honda CR-V - D light flashes

I have the same problem for the HONDA CR-V 2007 that the light D is flashing. What could be the problem or is it just a problem with the light and its contact?

I used Mr. Google and he says the flashing D means you have a transmission problem and you should have it looked at . Which you could have done that yourself.

We here at Car Talk forums are not able to see the other post to which you refer. Suggest to post the pertinent part of that content here for better results. Generally if dashboard D light is flashing in a periodic regular manner, unlikely to be a problem with the light bulb or a faulty electrical contact. Owner’s manual might provide some guidance also.

I have the a problem with my HONDA CR-V 2007.

There, fixed it for you.

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Owners manuals must be useless, otherwise people would actually be referring them.

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I used google to find out how to reset clock on my car. Can do it with no key in ignition too.

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Take the car to a good independent transmission shop for a diagnosis.

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IIRC, the relevant wording in the Owner’s Manual for my '92 Accord was something along the lines of…
If the D light is flashing, that indicates an electronic problem in your transmission. Failure to fix this promptly will lead to mechanical problems with the transmission.

If you have this fixed right away, it will likely cost you a whole heap less money than if you delay the repair. As was already stated, an independent trans shop (NOT a chain-run joint like Cottman, Lee Myles, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO) should be your next stop.


I wonder what sort of electronic problem would cause that? Faulty shift solenoid, the computer determines the coil resistance is not within spec? Problem with determining the gear shift lever position? Trans fluid temp out of spec? Transmission output rpm not correct for the input rpm and gear selected?

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The flashing “D” light (or in some cases, a flashing “OD” light) is the transmissions equivalent of the Check Engine Light. gotta get the transmission DTC’s read.

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