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97 Honda CRV "flashing"shift indicator light

When driving normal day to day everything is ok,but when stopping and going on my rural mail delivery job the (gear) shift indicator light will occasionally start flashing/blinking. It seems to take a few seconds before actually engaging drive from a dead stop, after this occurs.When it finally starts going it also seems to go slower like it’s in a different (automatic) gear? I’ve noticed a kind of click noise when this is happening to the left of my sterring column-possibly a relay or something electrical? If I turn my car off it seems to reset itself and resumes driving normal? any ideas?

My best suggestion is to read the relevant section of your Owner’s Manual. I can tell you that on my last Honda, a '92 Accord, the manual clearly stated that a flashing “D” on the transmission quadrant indicated an electronic fault in the transmission’s controls. (I am assuming that this is the same light that you refer to as a shift indicator light.)

Failure to quickly rectify an electronic problem with the transmission’s controls can morph into much more expensive mechanical transmission problems. I suggest that you consult the manual to try to confirm what I have stated above, and if the manual’s information is consistent with what you have observed, that you get the car to a competent transmission shop a.s.a.p. (Note: AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, and other transmission chains are not usually considered to be in the category of competent–or honest–transmission shops.)