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2007 Chevy Suburban rear defogger wire

One side of my rear defogger wire has detached from the window. It detached right at the metal clip and window. I will not solder (due to possibly breaking the window). Have tried all kind of epoxies & bonding agents - will not work. Any suggestions - vs. taking to the dealer for a $150+ bill?

There are special kits and adhesives for this very purpose. You didn’t specify which ones you have tried nor why they failed. Anyway, here’s a link to one such product:

You can’t do much better than this specialized product from Permatex.

Thanks for the input! I did try a similar product, however, it was a kit for rearview mirrors - had a pre- activator and small amount of adhesive. I tried that system twice w/o any success. Perhaps the kit you showed me will work. I will give it a try - thanks again!