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Defrost connector

I have a 94 Honda Civic Coupe EX and the defrost connector that was attached to the back window on the passenger side fell off. I was told by Honda that they cannot reattach the connector onto the window because there isn’t a glue they can use that will allow the connector to work. Therefore, I will need to purchase a brand new rear window for about $320. I don’t want to spend the money to replace my window. Any advice?

Buy an ice scraper or attempt to fix it yourself.

There is a conductive paint sold in auto parts stores for repairing broken defroster grid lines. Maybe you can use that and some glue to repair the defroster.

I’d give it a try before I bought a new rear window.

If you really need a rear window, go somewhere besides a Honda dealer and save some money. I just had a windshield replaced for less than $250.

Most Dealers Won’t Mess With This. It Could Come Back And Bite Them.

Click this link. It says you can put the tab on yourself with a cheap kit.

There Are Kits Out There.
Here’s one example. Click the link:

Come On, Guys, No Stars Or What?