Read window defogger 2002 Toyota Camry

the rear window defogger works very slowly and/or weakly–any suggestions

Is this defogger of the electrical wire variety?

If so, there may be a frayed wire or perhaps a bad ground connection.

There is a repair kit available on the market that has a continuity tester that you hold against the window as you pass it over the defroster wire.

I seen it the first time on tv about a year ago. Don’t ask me the brand name though. Perhaps a web search may turn one up.

Thank you for your response. The defogger is of the electrical variety with wires running across the rear window.

How would one check for a bad ground connection?

This may not be your solution, but I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. Some of the connecting wires on the inside of the rear window were loose, so I pushed them back in firmly & the rear defrost worked fine again.