2000 Grand AM rear windo defogger

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. The thing that connects the power supply to the rear window defogger in my 2000 Grand Am is pulled off from the window. The mechanic says that there is something like a liquid solder that you can buy. I have been to three pep boys and 2 autozones around here (there doesn’t seem to be any small, family owned places here anymore). They all say they should have, but it isn’t there. Winter is coming and I want to be able to see the idiots behind me. Can any of you fine people tell me what the stuff is really called and I will go so far as to order it on line.

Thank you all very much in advance

Go to the J.C. Whitney website and then go to the heating and air conditioning section. From there, go to the defroster section. They have a defroster power tab repair kit. The price is $30.99.

Hope this helps.

I just reattached the tab to the grid on my 2000 Blazer using a Frost Fighter Tab Bonding kit. The adhesive has to be heat cured using a hot air gun or hair dryer. I was concerned about stressing the glass so I left the truck running with the heater on full for 30-40 minutes. The repair was a success and the defroster has been working for two weeks.


Prior to that I tried the Permatex Defroster Repair kit, but was not successful. The adhesive was too thin for a good connection.


Ed B.