2006 Town and Country Hiccup

I have a 2006 Town and Country with the 3.3L V6. The last four times I filled the gas tank the engine spits and sputters after running for 2 - 3 minutes. Sometimes it will even stall out. It will re-start after cranking for 4 - 5 seconds and then runs fine. It only does this right after I fill the tank and doesn’t do it again until the next fill up. Thought that I might have water in the tank so I added a bottle of HEET to see if it would cure the problem, no effect at all. Any suggestions?

Could be a problem w/the tank venting system. That system is exercised the most when the tank is full or nearly full. Why not try filling 1/2 full or 3/4 full next time and see if that helps. If so, ask your mechanic to check the venting valves, hoses, etc. BTW, Overfilling the tank – going past the point where the pump turns off automtically – reportedly can damage the venting components in some cars apparently.

If you continue to experience this problem even onlyl after filling the tank to 1/2 full, try another gas station. See if that helps.

I should have mentioned that this has happened at three different gas stations. I work at a gas station and I am familiar with the “overfill the tank phenomenon”. When the nozzle kicks off I am done. I do not try to force five more dollars into the tank at that point. I have a friend that had to have his evaporative emissions system repaired recently because he constantly overfilled his tank. This problem started when the outside temps fell into the teens and twenties.

Well, I’m stuck then. Other than a thorough inspection of the tank venting components, I’m not sure what to suggest. hmmm … well, there is one thing: The engine needs much more gas in the fuel/air mixture when it is cold – especially to start the car – than when the engine coolant is warm. Same w/the air temp, but not as much. As the engine warms up, the ECM will lean the mixture out. It may be there is something wrong with all that. The first place to look would be the coolant temp sensor and the intake air sensor. Best of luck.

I found out what the problem was. Shortly after this post the solution presented itself. After arriving at work one day the van died in the parking lot and had to be towed to the shop. It turns out that the symptom I was experiencing was the fuel pump dying. About $200.00 later and the problem was resolved. I guess I wasn’t throwing enough money at this money pit and after the sufficient dollar limit was met the problem was resolved. Awaiting the next big dollar failure…