2002 town and country spit and sputter

I have an 02 town and country that sometimes after it has been running for a while starts to sputter only at an idle, when it’s running doen the road it has no problem. Now maybe some clues to help you guys diagnose this. Harsh start on cold start ups long turn overs and doesnt get any better during the day, and then sputters.

sorry didnt finish. sputters again only at an idle only on warm motor. Once started it run’s well until warm and usually after 20-25 miles

Starting problems, sputtering, and rough idling make me wonder about the spark plugs. When were they last replaced?

yes the tech also thought the same and put 6 new platinum plugs and still did the same. just had that done 2 mths ago cb

What about the wires?

Has the fuel pressure been checked? Fuel filter replaced? Air filter?

Is the “Check Engine” light on? Two things come to mind: coolant temperature sensor and cam (or crank) position sensor. Which engine do you have?

good question, i’ll have them checked