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A funny thing happened on my way from the gas station

Here’s my gas station life lately:

1) I fill my car

2) I screw the gas cap down, making sure I turn it several turns

3) After driving away from the station about the equivalent of about one block, if I slow down for any reason, my car dies. It always starts right back up and after that second start – no problems.

4)This happens whether I’m needing only a little gas, or a bunch of gas in order to fill the tank.

Somebody please tell me what’s going on!!


Chrysler Town and Country 2004 - thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:

do you mean this only happens once, right after a fill up? but not at other start stop times, between fill ups?

Some part of the evaporative emission system is malfunctioning. No check engine light? When you drive after opening the tank the evap system is adjusting the pressure in the tank, releasing air or tank vapors into your intake manifold at too high a rate. This affects the engine more when the throttle is closed and the total flow is small.

In the early days of emissions gear I think the worst system was the egr systems followed by much to much vacuum routing. Today the bad boy seems to be the evaporative emission gear followed by cat. converter problems.

Do you ordinarily fill past the first click of the nozzle? If you do, try just adding an amount that would not require the nozzle to click off and let us know if the problem still appears. Also try this experiment. Without filling the tank, take the gas cap off; wait the equivalent amount of time as you would take to fill the tank; put the cap back on; and drive as you would ordinarily. Does the stalling appear in this case?

Hope this helps.