2005 chrysler town and country stall

I have a 2005 chrysler town and country minivan. After filling it at the pump the van will go a short distance and die. It will have a hard time starting and then run fine, untill I fill it again. Any help on this?

Next time you fill up, leave the gas cap loose. This will cause a check engine light to come on, which will irritate you, but it’ll turn off again once you drive with the cap tight for awhile. Meanwhile, see if it still stalls when the cap is loose.

And if you like to top off the tank by continuing to pump after the pump clicks off, stop doing that. It can cause symptoms as you describe, and can also cause damage that is quite expensive to fix.

I will try that. I was also told that it could be the vapor/liquid fuel seperator on the fuel tank and/or the vapor canister/and selinoid. I will try the no cost fixes first.