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Suddenly cannot fill the gas tank on my Chrysler Town and Country

Yesterday when I tried to fill up my 2007 Town and Country I found I cannot put more than about 1/2 gallon at a time before the pump shuts off. I have the problem at multiple stations/pumps so I know it is a problem in my car.

I have heard this could be a clogged charcoal canister so that the air cannot get out of the tank as the gas is going in. Does anyone know where this unit is located on the Town and Country? Could there be another issue? A week ago when I filled the tank I had no problem, but yesterday it took a very long time to fill up from empty.

When you fill the tank, do you “top off” ? this can lead to the problems you are seeing now. You should stop filling as soon as the nozzle first clicks off.

As to what needs repair/replacement, some of the experts here will go into details.

No I never top off. I just let it shut off and then stop. is a good site for Fiat-Chrysler questions. They have a discussion group on Minivans/Pacifica. I’ve found lots of knowledgeable helpful people there.

There are many people with the problem. Either a cracked filler pipe or even replacing the tank.

Another site to check is

You’ve got a problem of some kind or another in the car’s evap system. There’s various gadgets involved that can fail, something as simple as a split or disconnected hose to more complicated, like a purge or vent solenoid or even a faulty fuel tank ass’y. There’s also various sensors and air or vacuum pumps. It seems like the purge valve is one of the most common failures reported here. The simplest way to fix it, you’ll need to get the car to a shop that specializes in Chrysler products for a proper diagnostic. Once you get the diagnosis, you can decide if you want to do the work yourself or not.