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2015 Subaru Forester - 2 Problems

doors do not automatically lock after driving also when stepping on gas the car makes a noise every time stop end go. Antonio.Erie.Pa.USA

Are you sure that this vehicle has that feature?
I was under the impression that Subaru has not adopted that feature.

From what part of the vehicle does the noise emanate?

And, what type of noise are you hearing?
Is it…
a buzzing noise
is it a squeak
is it a rattle
is it a banging noise

Subaru’s are noisy and they don’t have self locking doors.

As I already stated, that make doesn’t utilize the self-locking door feature.
And, if somebody opts for a premium trim level–such as my Outback 3.6R Limited–the additional sound-proofing provides for an incredibly quiet vehicle.