2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca warning lights

warning lights come on and stay on. 1. check engine, 2. traction control, 3. cruise control. The engine warning light just comes on and stays on. The traction control light will not allow engagement of the traction control system. The cruise control light green light comes off and on and will not allow engagement of the cruise control system. This is an old vehicle where i have replaced the battery and checked the ground cable. When i took it to a dealer they did something that allowed it to work properly for 3 or 4 days. Any suggestions?

Since the check engine light is on, the first thing is to check for the code. Possibly a faulty speed sensor.

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Check your invoice to see what the PCM fault was and what they did in an attempt to correct the failure. Evaporative emissions system leaks are a common failure to be misdiagnosed, perhaps you should have returned to the shop to have the failure rechecked.

That is because the traction control and and cruise control are both automatically disabled when the Check Engine Light comes on.

Finding out which codes have been stored by the OBD system is the first step toward diagnosing the problem.