2011 Subaru Forester - No cruise when warning lights illuminate

My cruise will not work when 3 different idiot lights freeze up. This is a known problem with Subaru’s. Any idea what the fix is?

You cannot use the cruise control when the engine ECU detects a malfunction, the cruise control is not the problem. Connect a scan tool to the diagnostic connector and read the fault codes in the PCM.


It’s a safety feature in case whatever is causing the CEL to light up could also cause runaway acceleration. That in turn lights up the brake warning light and the ABS warning light.


OP says it’s a known problem online and in the Subaru community. So, elaborate. Sounds like he knows a lot about it.

Simple. Fix the things causing the 3 error lights and the cruise will work again.

Top Tip, when the Check Engine light comes on… Check the engine!


Known, but not a problem. Read my earlier post. Subarus are not the only vehicles that do this.

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ANY warning light needs to be addressed.
That is why they are called idiot lights, only an idiot would ignore them.


The reason it is so well a known “problem” is because that’s the way it is supposed to work, and is even mentioned somewhere in your manual. And the fix is ……. Wait for it…………wait for it………fix the reason(s) the dash warnings are coming on.


My bad. I meant for “not a problem” to mean the three lights coming on are not the problem. That is the way it is designed to work like that when there is an actual defect that needs attention. But I can see how it could have been interpreted to mean that nothing was wrong with the vehicle.

Now @Wally56 , get the code read and report the actual code here and we can help you with that.

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