2006 Ford Expedition

I have a 2006 Ford Expedition that runs perfectly with one exception, It will shut off all of a sudden. I can be driving down the highway or in town and all of a sudden it will just stop running. This has happened twice in the past six months. So far I have been able to get to the side of the road safely.the vehicle will immediately start and run perfectly as if nothing has happened. No error codes. has anyone heard of this model doing this? Does anyone know of a cure. I haven’t taken it to a dealer because I already know what they will do - say there is nothing wrong or start throwing parts at it. I can’t afford to go this route. HELP

The stalling problem might be caused from a defective crankshaft position sensor. The crankshaft position sensor is one of the primary inputs into the computer. The computer uses the signal from this sensor to determine if the engine is rotating, detect for misfires and for ignition timing. If the signal from this sensor is lost, the computer thinks the engine is no longer rotating. The computer then see’s no reason to operate the fuel and ignition systems and the engine stalls.