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2006 chevy aveo lt

i have a 06 aveo sitting on jackstands in neutral should the passenger wheel be easy to spin by hand

Yes, both the front and the rear wheels on the passenger side should turn easily. As should the drivers side.

ok then i have a problem on the passenger side cause it is hard to turn

Did you have a problem you were trying to diagnose by putting in on jackstands and turning the wheels by hand?

the front brakes was hanging up

That should have been your first question. Now what do you mean by " hanging up " . Are they not releasing or not grabbing the rotor as they should?

I believe he means the brakes are dragging / not fully releasing

yes thats what i mean but i fixed that problem

Maybe not, if the wheel is hard to turn when the car’s on jackstands…?

So is this problem resolved now? If it still locked up, is this the configuration? the passenger side front wheel is locked and off the ground, and the drivers side front wheel is on the ground, and the transmission is in neutral, and the engine is off.

no all of the front is off the ground in neutral its just that the wheel is real hard to spin

That’s the way I usually have my Corolla positioned when I’m working on it. In my case in that configuration both front wheels are relatively easy to turn by hand, and the force needed to turn them is roughly equal on both sides. Mine is a manual transmission, if that makes any difference.

Still sounds like a brake not releasing. What did you do already in order to try to fix it? Generally, if the brakes on a single wheel won’t release, the caliper is seized. Could also be the soft brake line going to the caliper collapsed internally and holding pressure on the caliper. But most likely the caliper itself is siezed.

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Here’s an idea: Turn the key to “on” (engine not started) so you can turn the steering wheel. See if that makes any difference, turning the steering wheel like you are steering to the left, then to the right.

new brake calibers and hoses rotors

If the brake is still dragging, the master cylinder must be the problem since everything else is new.

Good mechanics can diagnose these things better than I can. I’m a shade tree mechanic and have to change the cheapest parts first, then change another part until the problem goes away. At this point, I’d change the master cylinder if the brakes are still dragging…

im going to take the calbers back off tomorrow and see if its still had to turn

Sounds like a plan. Can’t really imagine what would keep the wheel from turning in neutral other than the brakes. Post back after you test it without brakes.

What motivated you to jack the front end up and try turning the wheels by hand? Do you suspect a transmission problem? If so, have you checked the transmission fluid level and appearance?