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2006 Toyota Camry - Brakes locked up

brakes locked up on driveway

What do you mean by this? Do you have a question?

Sorry. My son calls me and says that his 2006 Camry is in the driveway, unable to move. Brakes? Transfer case? If I jack it up, 1 wheel at a time and they all spin, is it the brakes? What then? I’m concerned as they just had a baby and are in need of the car more then ever.

No, but the fronts won’t spin unless the transmission is in neutral AND the transmission isn’t broken. If they all spin while in neutral, then you may have a transmission problem or a CV joint problem and not a brake problem.

What does your son mean by “unable to move” ? I will assume engine is running. He puts it in any gear and the car won’t move? Is it an automatic transmission? Or a manual?

Either way, unless you or he is pretty handy with DIY auto repair, this seems like a situation that requires the car be towed to a shop that can repair the car quickly.

Thank you for the quick response. I just wanted to understand what it could or might be before dishing out $ for something else, other then the problem. Thanks It is an automatic transmission.

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I assume this will need a shop to repair it for you. Most shops will charge a diagnostic fee that might be waived if they get to do the repair. When they call with the results your chore will be to ask questions until you actually understand what you will be paying for. You will also have to decide if the vehicle repair cost is worth it on this vehicle.

It also has a very loud Muffler like sound that is coming from the manifold that will need to be repaired eventually

No, not eventually, immediately! exhaust gas can harm or kill. Especially the most vulnerable - infants and older folks.

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Any idea what that might cost? Thank you for your help. I went over to the house because these idiots wont answer their phone and come to find out the car does move and the brakes grind. Idiots! They had to have been grinding for awhile. Idiots. You may have a more positive disposition than me, but you don’t have to deal with this crap day in and day out. Thanks for all your help.

A locally owned muffler/exhaust shop would be my first go-to. It may be a simple thing for them to repair - a pipe or a gasket or a muffler. If it’s the exhaust manifold, new ones can be very expensive. I would try an auto recycler (junkyard.) One near me has exhaust manifolds hanging all over the long wall of their main building.

Then again, you have brakes to deal with.

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That really can’t be done over the web. We don’t know where you are, who or what kind of shop you might use and without seeing the vehicle it can’t be certain what the problem really is that needs to be fixed.

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The brakes could be as simple as the pads are worn down and need to be replaced along with the rotors, but it could something more complex. @VOLVO_V70 is correct, this needs to be diagnosed and repaired by a mechanic, and I would do it yesterday as brakes are one of the single most important safety components.

I know this is a car repair forum, but perhaps it is time to start letting your son start taking responsibility for his own car.
You can help, but probably shouldn’t be paying for his car repair- especially if he has been neglecting it knowing that a baby was on the way.

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