2010 Chevy Impala passenger front tire

For the first time today, the passenger front tire resisted being turned. It was hard to turn. What might the problem be?

First, we need to clarify “turned”.
Do you mean turn as in “rotate”, or do you mean turn as in “steer”?

If the wheel is resistant to rotation, the likely causes are either a wheel bearing that has seized or a brake caliper that is “frozen” in place.

If the problem relates to steering, then the possible causes could include a ball joint that has gone totally dry.

Another possibility is a bad rubber brake hose on that wheel. When rubber brake hoses go bad…they allow pressure in but won’t let it escape.

A collapsed brake hose can have the same effect as a frozen caliper.

We still need to have the OP clarify “turned”, but if it this problem is one of the wheel not rotating, then I have to wonder whether the brake fluid was ever flushed.

Regardless, 4 years is mighty early for problems with brake hoses, so I also have to wonder if improper fluid was introduced into the brake hydraulic system.

We definitely need more detail.
Either way, I sincerely hope you’re not trying to drive this vehicle. It should definitely be considered unsafe to drive even if you get the wheel unstuck. It needs to be towed to a reputable shop. If you get it unstuck and it fails again while you’re driving, and it WILL, it could easily kill you or someone innocent.

I urge you, I beg you, even if the wheel becomes unstuck, please don’t take this out on the open road until it’s repaired.

Do you mean the steering wheel is hard to turn, or the tire itself? I’m assuming you mean the steering wheel, as I’ve never heard of anyone checking to see if the tires are turning freely as a routine thing to do. Without any other symptom I mean.

For a steering wheel that is hard to turn, that would usually be a problem with the power steering system. Like a slipping or broken drive belt to the power steering pump. A little caution is in order: The same drive belt may turn the water pump, and if the water pump isn’t turning, that will soon ruin the engine by overheating. So make sure to constantly monitor the engine coolant temp until you are able to discover the cause of the steering problem.


I think you’ve hit on it. The post didn’t make much sense to me. How does one know the Passenger front tire is hard to turn?