Front wheel won't spin freely



Before took off my tires, when lifted my tires spin freely. after changing all tires, i turned on my car and tried to reverse but the engine would rev but car was still. I then put it on drive it moved a little but had clicking sound as if it was too tight i loosen the lugs. When reversing it moved n inch n engine would rev. So then i decided to take the tires off… the rotors would turn 2 inches and lock up. I taken off the calipers and break pads, rotors would lock n not spin, 2inchs and locks both ways. I rocked it back forth hard on the rotors as if i was driving a mini steering wheel. Lol it won’t spin. So i guess it’s not the calipers or brakes. I’m clueless and need help!


My guess is probably your guide pin, check them first you might need to replace them

Here’s the location if you don’t know where is it

That’s just my theory cause I stumble upon it while looking for some tutorial on how to splice the brake line


Put the gear shifter in NEUTRAL when you try to spin the wheels.


What was your goal? To only change tires?
you changed front 2 tires alone?
all 4 tires?
do you have emergency brake on?


It is not the guide pin, i removed the calipers and brake pads, to where it is just the rotors n axle … the rotors won’t spin. When tires are on i can’t reverse or drive the rotors would lock.


jack up front end. start motor. put it in gear. what happens?


I am really curious as to what this could be. If you have it in neutral with the calipers removed, the only thing I can think of is seized wheel bearings, but for both sides to seize at once just when you took the wheels off is about as likely as being killed by a meteorite.

You don’t by any chance have it jacked up by the axle shafts , do you?


No i didn’t jack it up that way, it’s really weird. I just change the tires and lowered it, i tried to back out n it felt like the car wanted to move but the tires wouldn’t move. I jacked it up again and spinned the rotor, it moves an inch both ways. And locks. I removed the calipers, break pads. Same problem … when under i tried turning the rotors , that locking sound wound come from axle more towards the middle of the car… like the entire axle is locked from the tranny… I’m clueless and need to be at work in the next 6 hrs …


That is bizarre situation! try disconnecting the negative battery cable and leave it off for a while. Sometimes this quick fix will tell the computer to relearn all its parameters.


I’m guessing you’ve got a CV joint or transmission problem there OP. Make sure the suspension parts haven’t locked up somehow, that can happen when you lift the car by the chassis. Worth a quick look anyway, make sure the struts aren’t all the way up or down, but I doubt that’s the problem. The transmission may just be stuck in P for some reason. If the ideas above don’t pan out, take a look at the shifting linkage from the shifter to the transmission. This assumes you have an automatic. Check the transmission fluid level and fluid condition too. & Watch the CV joints as a helper rotates the rotors, notice anything unusual happening?


I replaced my u joint and when I put my axle back in it wouldn’t spin freely why?


On what type of car? Which U-joint? What transmission?


The axle U joint on a 96 Dodge Ram 1500


So why did you post it under a Caravan thread?

Again I’ll ask, which u-joint? Which transmission?

And now: Do you have a 2 piece driveshaft? Do you have a limited slip axle? Is the entire rear-end jacked up? Or on the ground? Is the truck in neutral? Why did you change the u-joint? Was it floppy loose, or did it break apart?


2 piece drive shaft and the back end is on the ground it’s the passenger front side I joint I replaced cause it was loose


If you aren’t going to answer ALL the questions I asked, I can’t help you.

I’ll add some more. So you have 4 wheel drive? (I guessed since you told me it was a front driveshaft) You said driver’s side - is that the driveshaft from the transfer case to the front axle? Must be since this truck has a solid front axle. Is the transfer case in neutral?

You may have a NV231 transfer case that has no real neutral so if you want the front joint to spin, you need to jack up the rear axle.