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2006 BMW X3 - Recurring problem

My 2006 X3 with 236,000 miles has been the best car I’ve ever had. Still rides well, handles well, looks great! I’m having a problem that I had somewhere around 120,000 that the dealership fixed at the time (if you can’t answer the question I’ll just ask them what they did) and has returned. Under load, like when I’m passing or entering the highway - doesn’t matter what gear, but happens between 2500 and 3500 RPM until the car shifts to the next gear - there is a fluctuation in power, as though I’m pumping the gas pedal twice per second. What’s going on? I’d like to keep driving the car as long as possible, with a goal of at least 300,000 miles, but this is getting worse…

If this is a repeat problem and you are not mechanically inclined just let them fix it and drive on . They will have records of what was done .

I’m all for posts that bring up an issue just for discussion purposes, but why wouldn’t you look at the records if this problem has come back to see what it was the first time?

I don’t have access to the records. It has been about 10 years ago that this problem occurred last. So I’m trying to get an idea BEFORE I go to the dealership.

Shannon , if it is the same problem you had the fix will be the same . The dealer should have records of what they did . If you don’t like what the repair is said to be needed then get a second opinion. Also your vehicle is 12 years old so an independent shop will be cheaper.

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