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BMW X3 "jerk"


2004 Automatic; bought used; now has 58k miles.

When I’m traveling at a stable rate of speed, no problem, However, when I attempt to make a quick acceleration (i.e., going around and passing a car in front of me), somewhere between 30 and 40 MPG, the vehicle jerks (“chokes”/“hesitates”) for a few seconds before finally picking up some speed. I’ve taken the car to a BMW dealership and two BMW private shop mechanics and no one can figure out this problem. Please help!!!

Nothing I can add that those 3 shops with both eyes and hands on would not have checked. Was your concern duplicated?

What if you’re doing 50-60 or 60-70 mpH and try to do the same?

Save everyone a lot of trouble and report what you can about the state of maintenance - have spark plugs & wires every been changed? Filters? Etc.

Report as much as you can about what the dealer & other mechanics have checked. The first 10-20 suggestions you get here will look a lot like what has already been checked.

An answer to oldschool’s question would also be very good - i.e. were any of these mechanics able to actually duplicate the problem? If so, what was said about it?