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Bmw x3 noise


I have a 2007 BMW x3. When I drive to around 35-40 mph, there’s a noticeable noise coming from the engine. It goes away when I go past 40 mph. It doesn’t affect the drive at all but I’m just curious as what it could be.

Does anyone have an idea?


Under 50k miles visit your dealer.

It could be so many things that we cannot tell you since we cannot hear it.

Isn’t this vehicle still under warranty? Take it to a BMW dealer and let them hear the noise. They should be able to tell you what it is, and fix it if necessary.

The solution to the problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

Your Beemer dealer is fully capable of diagnosing an engine problem, and in fact, will likely ignore any diagnosis that you provide. They are required by the car’s manufacturer to follow a standardized diagnostic protocol on all warranty-related work, and that protocol does not include random suggestions from the car’s owner.

Just describe the problem as completely as possible to the service writer, and allow the service department to do the diagnostic work and any repairs that may be necessary.

Good luck. I have same problem. The dealer tells me that they drove same year and model on their lot and makes same noise. Sooo sorry we can’t help you. This x3 2007 just does that. grrrrrrr. HELP!!!